👋 Hi, I'm John

I 🔨 Products, Teams, and Businesses

I use my in-depth technical and organizational knowledge to help build products, businesses, and engineering teams.

I ❤️ shipping code, working with others, and failing forward.

How I Like to Work

My favorite places to work are friendly, nimble, and collaborative businesses.

I like to be in the thick of it, talking to users, debating technical solutions, and making things happen.


Technology I Enjoy

I started my career with using Classic ASP, and then PHP and MySQL, and eventually moved to using C# and .NET.

Over the years, I've CSS, HTML and JavaScript have always been part of my life and I'm comfortable with any front-end work that needs to be done.

Throughout my career I've learned a lot of technologies, but here is a selection of the technology I currently enjoy using day to day:

Fun Facts About Me

  • I started 🕺salsa dancing 💃 to support a friend and it became a lifelong hobby.
  • After smoking for 15 years I quit and ran a marathon two years later.
  • I play bass in a 60s/70s cover band (and one random REM song) called Stevie and the Sting Rays.

Building Products

I've been building products since 1999.

Here is a selection of some notable and recent products I've build.

Building Teams

The most rewarding professional experiences I've had is when I built, grew, and nurtured a ten person engineering organization.

I strongly believe in the servant leadership model of management and team building.

At a lot of companies, too much of the software process is counting closed tickets or lines of code. Not enough leaders take the time to ask, "Hey, how are you?".

Software is easy, humans are the hard part, and I enjoy the challenge and rewards that come with leadership roles.

Offsite Dinner in Thailand

One of my favorite memories is meeting with members of a engineering team I built in Thailand for a dinner. At BTE, LLC I hired and built a team of ten developers and project managers. The team grew from a single person development to a team of team contributing to various projects and initiatives.

Movid HEP

Movid HEP went from a simple idea in a notebook to a winning startup Startup Weekend Hartford 2012 and finally to a revenue generating business. From the start I lead and helped guide the team from strategy to execution.

Building Businesses

My career has always revolved around growing businesses. I've been an early stage employee several times, have started my own companies, and helped businesses get off the ground as a freelance client.

The first web development job I had was helping an e-commerce business grow from celebrating two days of consecutive orders to a having a suite of e-commerce websites and running out of space in their warehouse. 🙌

When I transitioned to the C# and .NET ecosystem from PHP, my first contract was developing an e-commerce application from scratch that generated more sales than the physical store.

At BTE, LLC, the operational software I wrote helped revenue increase by over 100x since I wrote the first line of code.

I've also had some small success starting and founding my own companies. I have...

  • Developed lead scraping application and selling the full source code to one of my alpha users.
  • Started my own SaaS company and drove the business from prototype to full product with customers and reoccurring revenue.
  • Buying a PHP script business, redesigning the marketing page, and increasing sales.
  • Creating an affiliate website and earning commissions off of affiliate links.


Nice things people have said about working with me.

I've worked with John on a number of complex web dev projects over the last few years. John is a pro and someone I can count on, whether it is to advise on best approach, or dive deep to resolve some obscure bug. John can jump in and ramp up quickly, which is critical in the work that we do. He is an excellent communicator and has always made himself accessible to us regardless of geographic location.

David Buonomo - President and CTO at Blue Atlas Interactive
When I first met John I was so surprised by his friendliness, kindness and tolerance. John is an experienced manager and a talented developer. As a developer he likes challenging tasks and he is always into learning new technologies. At the same time John knows exactly when it’s the right time to implement new things. John can deal with big teams efficiently. His management style makes whole team love him. Any team will benefit from working with John. He is a wonderful person!
Denis Gvozd - Co-founder at Dev Team Inc

Sometime you come across an individual who really makes you question your own abilities. John is such a person. He produces excellent quality code using the right technology and truly understands the depths of the technology that he is utilizing. He's up to date on the latest ideas and trends and yet implements them wisely and not because it's the latest trend. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Mark Adams - Senior .Net Developer and Application Architect at JBS Software

John is an excellent programmer with an in-depth grasp of the entire ASP.Net MVC framework as well as the Entity Framework. It was a pleasure to work with him on the project we were on. I know that in the intervening time he has kept his knowledge up to date and I would have no problem recommending him for a position.

David Melinosky - Business Systems Architect at CNC Software

I have known John Farrell professionally for a number of years and have placed him at multiple clients in the greater Hartford area as a .NET Developer. He is a talented IT professional who consistently receives positive feedback on his work and has been requested to return to client sites as additional needs arise.

John’s skill set is in high demand at the moment and his easygoing and engaging personality makes him one of my most marketable candidates. We continue to receive great feedback on his work, reliability and ability to fit in with the team.

Lisa Drew - Senior Technical Recruiter

As a small business owner with limited technical knowledge finding a software developer who can understand your business needs and turn them into usable functioning software is very difficult. John has done an extraordinary job of sitting down with me, analyzing my problems, and using outside the box thinking to come up with creative solutions to solve my problems. I have lots of ideas but I don’t have lots of time, working with John has enabled me to write a brief description of what I want and then he spends the time to figure out what the problem is and how to solve it. Many other developers stray down the wrong path and waste your money because they don’t fully understand your needs.

If John is not 100% sure of the direction he is headed he will setup a meeting to discuss and gain full clarity before proceeding forward. The main application that John has created for my business has completely streamlined my operation. I couldn't imagine not having it at this point. It has been a pleasure working with John and I look forward to working with him for years to come.

Ryan Andrew - CEO

As a colleague of John at the UConn Health Center I can honestly say he is one of the brightest programmers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His abilities in the .Net world, and in all other aspects of programing, is remarkable. I would proudly recommend John for any endeavor he wished to embark upon.

Jack Lotko - Senior Developer

John and I were co-workers at PageFad. John was hired as a Junior Level Developer but quickly proved himself to be more knowledgeable than that. He was well versed in C#, ASP.NET, CSS, JavaScript and Ajax. Now, although he was hired to do mostly Web Development his skills also shined in SQL Server 2005. He worked well in both Database administration and design.

I would have to say his knowledge of Web Development is his greatest attribute. However, that is not to take away from the fact that he is very easy to work with. I would definitely work with him again if had the chance.

Jeff Gadoury - Software Developer